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Health House to Be Built in Bátonyterenye from EU Funding13 May 2010

A modern health house will be built in Bátonyterenye from EU funding amounting to more than 245 million HUF made available within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan. The 1,209-square-metre building owned by the local government will be renewed as an outcome this development.

The micro-region of Bátonyterenye to be provided complex help through a targeted programme qualifies as a most seriously disadvantaged micro-region. By examining demographic trends, it becomes evident that the population of this settlement and the region is significantly declining. This trend is associated with the decline experienced in the settlement’s economic status, the crisis hitting the mining and industrial sector, as well as the high unemployment rate recorded in this region. People living in this settlement and the region are unable to find employment, which is why migration is a natural consequence in this region. Neither a hospital nor a healthcare centre operates in this settlement or the micro-region. The nearest inpatient institution and healthcare centre is located 20 kilometres away in the county seat of Nógrád County, namely, Salgótarján (Saint Lazarus County Hospital), or in the town of Pásztó, namely, Margaret Hospital, to which patients in need of medical care have to travel 15 kilometres. The building housing the current medical clinic in Bátonyterenye does not comply with modern healthcare requirements.

The development that has just been launched involves renewing and building extensions to one of the buildings located on a property owned by the Local Government of the Municipality of Bátonyterenye. The current function (Cultural Centre) of this property will in part change, and a multi-functional healthcare, social, cultural and recreational centre will be created within the framework of a development integrating 3 various projects. Together with extensions, 1,209-square-metres of floor space will be renewed as an outcome of this development.

3 GP and 2 paediatric surgeries, a central medical duty unit, a laboratory, 2 dental surgeries, a child care service, a home patient care service, a physiotherapy centre, 2 medical centres operating periodically, as well as a pharmacy will be available at the Health House Centre in Bátonyterenye. This project equally extends to include the relocation of the healthcare centre operating earlier, the micro-region social centre operating out of 2 sites, as well as connecting services, to the modern building equipped with disabled facilities to which an adequate number of parking spaces will be ensured. 

Builders will prioritise environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions, as well as conditions promoting the dissemination of environmental awareness during the course of construction. Within the framework of this project, equipment will also be procured with the aim of equipping the jointly used premises and rooms, as well as developing information and communication technologies.